Shelley Azbell

“I have had the pleasure of working with John Bahura on two happy occasions in my life. The first was for the sale of my home on Shoreline Drive with a rare 100-foot wide ocean view. And the second was my recent purchase near the Santa Barbara Mission on upper State Street. In each transaction, John maintained a calmness that helped me to be calm. Enough cannot be said about his vast real estate knowledge and his understanding of the emotions of a seller and/or a buyer. Every question I asked was answered with professionalism. Every document that needed my signing was done with confidence because I knew he had reviewed every line. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly of all, John has a moral character. Words like trustworthy, fair, and honest come to mind. I’m hoping, by reading my brief referral statement, you will be blessed with an incredible real estate transaction yourself.”

Claudio Bonometti

"In 20 Years of buying / selling houses I have mostly been less than enthused with most real estate agents. Then came Page. I was almost shocked at her professionalism, punctuality, ability to stay on top of every detail of the negotiation and her ability to be a great facilitator between the parties making everyone feel at ease and well taken care of. When she is working for you she is WORKING FOR YOU. I cannot stress enough the personal attention and the fact that she focuses her efforts uniquely on your interest rather than "trying to get it sold" as some others do... Do yourself a favor and ask for no other!"

Susann & Elliot Smith

"My husband and I needed to make some important Real Estate decisions. We consulted with Page Bahura at Bahura & Associates and were very impressed with her knowledge, professionalism, and consideration. Page is a very friendly, honest, and competent Real Estate agent that grew up in the area. We highly recommend Page and John of Bahura & Associates."

Melissa & Michael Walston

"We listed our home in mid-January with John and Page of Bahura & Associates, and it had multiple offers and was sold in a week for well over the asking price. We had worked with John years ago on a few transactions and had a great experience, so we were very pleased to work with him again (and with the wonderful addition of Page as well!). John and Page are so professional, experienced, genuine and knowledgeable--they advised us perfectly every step of the way, from pricing to counter-offers to negotiating on the repairs. We live in the Bay Area and were able to do everything remotely. Bahura & Associates has excellent relationships locally as well, including the fabulous staging company that they were able to get in very quickly despite it being an extremely busy time. Overall, the entire process was as smooth and fast as it could have possibly been. We highly recommend Bahura & Associates!"

Marie Mercado

"I am pleased to have the opportunity to recommend Bahura & Associates. I have worked with John over the past 25 years and completed six transactions with him. His expertise, real estate knowledge and professionalism set the bar for managing all details in a highly complex real estate market. Representing me as a buyer or seller with unbelievably difficult circumstances that arose, he made each transaction successful. His integrity and work ethic is outstanding. He exemplifies the “We do more” statement that Village Properties is known for, and even goes beyond that whenever necessary. From start to finish he completes and follows through on the lofty tasks of contractual negotiations, and provides service and guidance always in the best interest of his clients. He builds immediate rapport to insure you that his expertise, knowledge base and skill are available provisions, throughout your business with him, and that they are applied continually. In summary John is my exclusive choice and recommendation for all real estate transactions. Use him, he is poised to take care of your biggest real estate investments!"

Gary Rutledge

“I know whatever I say about John will not come close to describing what an amazing person he is. A friend recommended John to us when we began to seriously look for a second home. Not being from the area and conducting most of the transaction long distance required someone that would take the time to get to know us and what we were looking for as well as someone we could trust to guide us in the right direction. John was incredible. He took the time to really get to know us and what we were looking for and he worked very hard finding properties for us to review on line first and then to schedule showings in a very efficient manner to make the most out of our time while in town. John is very calm, professional and really removes all of the normal anxiety that we anticipated purchasing something long distance. His demeanor puts everyone at ease and he makes it all look and feel so easy, although we know it is not. I think it would be hard to find anyone smarter than John as well, which helped in explaining complex issues to unsophisticated buyers. We came to trust him completely and relied constantly on his recommendations. He is proactive, anticipating issues that may arise and addresses them. He is extremely responsive and answers calls and emails at all hours. I am not sure that he ever sleeps. John is also very well connected in the community. It is clear that the other agents respect him, which I expect is why he is so effective and successful in his negotiations. He was able to get very quick turnarounds on inspections and insurance from very busy people who told me that they respond quickly for John because of how much they respect him and enjoy working with him. John basically did everything for us because we were not able to be there. I believe that anyone looking to buy in the area should meet John. He found our dream home and then did everything possible to help us own it. We could not be happier.”

Mrs. Taylor

“My husband and I wanted to sell our home in Carpinteria, purchase another home in Ventura and rental Condominium in Carpinteria. Bahura & Associates was nothing short of brilliant. They managed all three escrows at ... the same time, negotiated the best possible deals for us, kept us informed, and arranged concurrent closes for all three properties. John's knowledge, professionalism and courteous manner are unmatched in the field. As a former Real Estate agent in Santa Barbara and Montecito I am aware of all the nuances in the business. John exceeded our expectations on every level. We received 19k over the asking price for the home we sold and purchased our rental property for 19k under asking price...brilliant negotiating by John. In our opinion, you could not find a more qualified Real Estate agent. He is also always a pleasure to interact with due to his cordial, easy going personality. We highly recommend him.”

Joshua Schueler & Marrissa Harrison

“Bahura & Associates was recommended to us by my in-laws who have been clients of theirs for many years. Being first-time home buyers, my husband and I had no idea what to expect, and frankly we both were terrified of the process. Working with John was the best decision for us. He understands the whole process through and through since he's been in the business for quite a while. John is very familiar with the area and was able to assist us through everything from scouting out properties to making offers and closing escrow. Most importantly, he's just a really friendly and down-to-earth guy. We felt comfortable asking questions and we knew that his advice was always in our best interest. He was always responsive, and wasn't just about making the sale. We would have been so lost without him. We highly recommend John and will turn to him without hesitation in future property endeavors.”

Michele Petterson

“John has been a miracle-worker from day one. I would use him as an agent again in a heartbeat. There is nothing he didn't negotiate or do perfectly. My sale was complex, and he knew every rope well. He's super smart and a great communicator; his manner is soothing, as well. I don't know how I got so lucky, but I'm grateful and will recommend him to everyone I know.”

James Ibbetson & Lui-Yen Kramer

“Working with Bahura & Associates is a real pleasure. We have bought three properties and sold one with John in the last 18 years. He is always completely on-the-ball with every aspect of the process of buying or selling. (He even takes care of mistakes that the other party's agent makes.) He is always efficient, courteous and well-informed. He does a great job of keeping the client well-informed and up-to-date on the many complicated details of the transaction. We could not recommend John more highly.”

Margaret & Andrew Jacobson

“I was introduced to John through our son. I didn't previously know John at all, but as we live in the southern part of Washington State, it seemed a good idea to make contact with someone that was recommended. We wanted to buy a second home. My wife was keen to find a place that had "space, privacy, and a view". Well, after just two previous places to look at during several trips to the area, John found us a really spectacular little place in the mountains. He is very knowledgeable about the area, has excellent contacts, and connected us with the right people to get things done that needed to be taken care of. He is very quick to respond to any request by phone or emails, is always courteous, polite and honest. Not only have we had a good experience with John in this process of "buying by remote control", (we closed on it yesterday) but in the process of accomplishing it, I do believe that I have the added bonus of a new friend.”

Jane Killebrew

“I recently completed the purchase of a home. I live out of state and have contemplated this for some time, but the process of buying a home remotely seemed somewhat daunting. Bahura & Associates made the process painless. John is extremely organized, prompt, and customer focused. He quickly determined the locations that fit my criteria and found properties for me to consider. Amazingly, we found the perfect house in one day of looking. This was only possible because of his knowledge of the area and his ability to listen to his customer. I have gone through the closing process from out of state. John was able to execute all processes with new technology - I basically bought a house via an IPad! He had all the information on utilities and all service providers and advised on the best options. Going through this process was an excellent experience and I would highly recommend him to anyone buying a home in the area.”

Alexandra Williams

“Bahura & Associates is the go-to real estate agent for our close circle of friends. My husband and I were passed along John's name independently from two separate families when we started looking for a home. Both of our friends had been first time home buyers like us when they first reached out to John. John's previous career as a teacher translates well into real estate. He's great at helping folks understand the process of home buying and navigating the paperwork. I always felt comfortable asking questions and John never appeared frustrated or judgmental of my naiveté. We saw a lot of property during our search that ran the gamut and John never batted an eye. His patience with us paid off for all of us when we found our perfect home. John's got a great handle on the area because he's lived around town for 20 years. I liked knowing that my realtor had lived in various parts of town because it meant he really understood the benefits of each area. John keeps tabs on the good school systems and desirable neighborhoods. He also has a good sense for what is coming, whether condos are going to maintain their value or if certain areas are experiencing an upswing. During his tenure in town John has also built an arsenal of other service providers to help get the job done from great escrow companies to loan officers to inspectors and other services. This proved immensely helpful for us because we had no experience with any of those services before. He even helped coordinate an inspection for us when we were unavailable during our escrow. John is punctual, level-headed, easy-going and knowledgeable. I truly felt like John was a partner with us in our real estate search and not an agent after a commission. When I hear "real estate" I immediately think of John and all the good he's done for our family. I can't recommend him enough.”

Justin Williams

“Bahura & Associates assisted my wife and me in the purchase of two properties in the past 18 months. When we were first looking as new home buyers, John was very knowledgeable, and explained the ins and outs to us. We were all over the place with what we wanted and John remained very patient with us. When we finally found something we wanted, John made the entire process very streamlined from the initial offer to getting the keys. He truly fights for his clients and is one of the most genuine and honest men I have ever met. The second purchase was even better than the first because John found us an amazing place and helped broker the deal even though my wife and I were out of the country. Because he is up to speed on the latest technology, everything was very easy for us. I highly recommend John and would be shocked if there was a better Real Estate Professional around.”

Arpan Chakraborty & Srabanti Chowdhury

“Bahura & Associates helped us buy and sell three properties in a span of 13 years. John's business skills are personal and courteous. We so appreciated all the years of his service as our agent. From the beginning he has been consistent in his level of professionalism, even to the smallest details of selling a home. He instills confidence with his up to date knowledge of real estate. When selling my parents’ home in another town, John recommended another very good agent who could help our family. We have never been disappointed and we highly recommend anyone to let John help you when either buying or selling a property.” - Randy & Lucy Fahrbach
“We have known John since 2008, and he helped us buy (in 2009) and sell (in 2013). John is personable, knowledgeable, reliable and very patient with his client. He has a great amount of experience, and as a first time home buyer (and seller) we got a great amount of insights from him. He also has great connections with lenders, inspectors, painters, handyman, landscaper, etc. I have great regards for John and he has my highest recommendation.”

Carolyn & Jim Maury

“Bahura & Associates, the wonderful thing about your work is that you make such a difference in people’s lives. We are so grateful you went beyond the normal call of duty and found us our beautiful home. What a joy it has been working with you. Thank you so much for your kind support.”

Kevin Cawley

“This is the third property I have bought through Bahura & Associates, John is a real professional. He actively listens to his client’s needs and sincerely cares about them. I definitely plan to use him again on the purchase of my next home.”

Vindra & Jonathan Kanner

“It’s hard to think of what Bahura & Associates could have done better! John gives excellent service, attitude and advice. As an agent he is creative and good at dealing with his client’s needs. I’m planning to use him again when we sell our next home.”

Lauretta Griffin

“I was worried about getting the house sold in the short amount of time I had available. I was completely taken back and impressed with how quickly and well Bahura & Associates was able to sell my home at the asking price and how smoothly things went with their help and professionalism.”

Maryanne & Rob Underwood

“Bahura & Associates, thank you for all that you did to help us get the home of our dreams. We absolutely love it!”

Stacy & Chris Ritter

“Bahura & Associates, we decided to take a pause from unpacking to extend our deepest gratitude for your efforts in getting us into our first home. We understand how much of a challenge it was, and we are quite certain that we wouldn’t be here without your commitment, expertise and dedication. You are someone we’ll always remember as helping our dream of owning property come true. Thanks so very much!”

Lynnette Cavazos

“I feel comfortable with John’s style and personality. He is very trustworthy and attentive. He explains the real estate process every step of the way and does a thorough job. He has a professional manner that is necessary to instill confidence. I highly recommend him!”

Velta & Richard Sharpe

“We liked John’s personality - sincere and not pushy. He went out of his way to help us. There were several challenges and John handled them all! He’s an asset to the company.”

Alice June Shields

“Bahura & Associates handled many obstacles ----- beautifully. They went way beyond the call of duty to be helpful. I definitely recommend them to my friends and family.”

Jessica & Damon Glover

“We thank Bahura & Associates so much for everything they did. Helping us sell our condo to buy another property really made a difference for us. When anything came up we were always confident in their professionalism. We’ll definitely use them again if we ever decide to move.”

Heather & Karl Okolotowicz

“Bahura & Associates made our dreams possible. We love our new home, it’s just perfect for us. We enjoyed working with John and thank him from the bottom of our hearts.”

Dolores Woodson & Marsha Crawford

“John is very professional, knowledgeable, and extremely capable. He is easy to communicate with and makes it comfortable to ask any questions. In addition to his mastery of professional skills, John is a great person and a joy to do business with.”

Elisa Christensen

“John was recommended to us by a friend. He was superb. We felt as if we were his only clients and he met every need. John not only explained the real estate process, he somehow orchestrated it so that it was incredibly flawless. John was so on top of it that any problems that arose were solved before we felt it. He strikes the perfect balance of being in touch just when you need him – every time. John is not only the epitome of the ideal agent, he is the perfect example of a business person of the highest integrity and caliber! We hardly felt any stress. It was all joy … thanks to John. He should teach the rest of the world how to conduct business!”

Linda & Bob Hatch

“We found Bahura & Associates to be extremely capable, gracious and responsive. They had the important information and analysis at their fingertips. They were able to move fast and find what we needed in a tight market. Many thanks.”

Michael Whalen

“My wife Susan and I have very limited experience with realtors and no experience with California real estate. We enlisted the support of John after an initial meeting, during which he impressed us with being honest, professional, ethical and hardworking. With little insight to what realtors actually do, we simply wanted someone we felt we could trust and would work hard for us on a daily basis. John proved to be a perfect match. He had the patience to explain the process and answer my questions, the diligence to stay on top of every detail of the transaction and the coolness to deal with any difficult situations that might arise during my purchase. He made himself available and was quick to respond to my requests. With Susan in Arizona, John was forced to be a sounding board as my “engineering mind” labored over various decisions. Admittedly it was not an easy task, yet John was an active listener and offered honest advise/options rather than simply telling me what I wanted to hear. In doing so, John has earned my respect and I consider him a friend. I whole heartedly recommend John without hesitation.”

Kyle Hetfield

“The first time we sat down John expressed genuine interest in what I was looking for. Since this was my first home purchase John did an excellent job of explaining the steps, as well as keeping me well informed as to where I was in the whole process. I really felt he worked for me. I can’t say enough good things about John. He made my first purchase very painless and I hope to work with him in the future. I would also like to point out his calm demeanor and low pressure approach that was much appreciated.”

Flota & Mike Prichard

“We met John at an open house and elected to use him as our agent. He has far better knowledge of real estate than most agents that we’ve dealt with. John is undoubtedly one of the nicest, friendliest, most considerate people we’ve met and a real pleasure to work with. We highly recommend him to our friends and look forward to working with him again in the future.”